The ninja hermit was taking a walk in the garden that morning. Absorbing the nature while he smoked a herb through a wooden pipe, not abandoning his razor sharp reflexes or his impeccable awareness of his surrounding. A dragonfly sprang up and started to fly towards a tulip behind the Ninja Hermit but then suddenly midway through its flight, it made a sharp turn and started to fly towards the Ninja Hermit. How did Ninja Hermit know all that? Well, his sublime aural faculties suggested that the almost inaudible (for normal people) buzzing of the insect was originating from a source behind him at about 290 degrees, which is why he was receiving slightly more sound in his right ear than left, and the distinct frequency generated at which the insect used his four different muscles to generate flight was a certainty that a certain dragonfly was approaching him. (He could have also known the color of the insect if he so desired but he decided to conserve energy.) Just when the insect was about to land on his shoulder, he swiftly stepped sideways in a stance that is referred to as “Kiba Dachi” or “the horse stance” in martial arts while gently knife-handing the insect on its temple, forcefully enough to make him unconscious for precisely three seconds and directing it to a large leaf of a Catalpa tree and as the insect landed on the leaf, it snapped out of its stupor immediately and was fully conscious but had the memory of the last three seconds lost in oblivion, forever!

A disciple approached and cried, “Oh worthy one, I am here for I am lost and confused about freewill. Tell me oh wise hermit, does freewill even exist?”

“Follow me dear boy, let us stroll in this garden and I will explain to you the secret of Freewill” Said TNH.

The disciple followed him, keeping a distance out of sheer respect and due to the grandeur of TNH’s aura.

“Look at that little sparrow.” said TNH as he lifted his face slightly towards the sky and the rest of the effect was completed by his eyes.

“Observe oh curious one, see how the little sparrow does not flap its wings all the way through its flight. No, see how it lets go after flapping its wings a few times and then observe how it glides.” Added TNH thoughtfully.

“Yes, master, I can observe that master.” Replied the disciple.

“Now go ahead and walk a few paces and then stop, yes yes you, my dear.” TNH stops walking and then observes as the disciple walks a few paces and then stops.

“See my dear, each step that you took in order to move from one place to another was your conscious, deliberate action that you chose to take. When we walk there is no medium that we walk through that could be considered as helpful in our walk. No, there is just time. And the momentum that the air provides to the little bird is provided to us by Time. There is a lot to learn from this my dear. When you stop walking, you stop. There is no gliding, but every step that you take will have a consequential inertia in the events that will unfold in your future. Whether you walk here on this lush green grass or you walk on pebbles, my dear, same rules apply. You don’t get to choose where you want to walk but walking anywhere implies there are choices being made at each “step” literally. And that my dear is the extent of our freewill. Now go and walk each step with a resolve that its inertia will bring better days in your life, and what you do today will echo in your tomorrows.” Said TNH in a cool and calm fashion and then stepped backwards in a “Kukutsu Dachi” or “Back leaning stance” with his eyes closed and with the pipe in his mouth. The same bird that was being discussed earlier had now flown over him and at the same moment TNH stepped back, it pooped in the hair of the disciple  which was now trickling down into his right eye.


Meanwhile, the whole garden was in a trance due to the wisdom that all living things in there had just witnessed and the dragonfly passed out again.


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  1. Ali Hashaam Reply

    “And that my dear is the extent of our freewill. Now go and walk each step with a resolve that its inertia will bring better days in your life, and what you do today will echo in your tomorrows”

    Great great words :)

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