You have to suffer alone to be able to give your suffering a meaning. Your sacrifices will only be fruitful if you alone traverse through the terrain of pain. Every adversity you face has a barometer that comes with it. Every hardship comes with a maximum reading and then pop it goes like a balloon and you are showered with joy you never thought existed. The pressure rises faster if you keep your pain to yourself and do not endeavor to accumulate sympathizers and worse if you pull into your circle of pain, those, for whom you are sacrificing in the first place. The more people you pull into your circle of Pain, the lower the reading on your barometer drops. Get through it, persevere, take it to on your chest and the needle will shoot and before you know it each and every pang that you suffered will prove to be worthwhile. But do not pull others in your circle of pain. It isn’t a sacrifice if they know you are making a sacrifice. The pain endured silently is the pain that makes you stronger.




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