Silence and Existence
silence is felt
or is it heard?
what can be heard isn’t silent
what is silence?
absence of noise
what is absent, cannot be
sounds are never absent
noise is never absent
like a homeless man’s fear
never completely gone
like a pauper’s appetite
never fully satiated
like a desert’s thirst
never quenched
it’s never fully silent
even when the world stops
comes to a halt
for a brief moment
that is extended beyond reality
beyond all practicality 
a world paused
even then i hear my thoughts
rubbing against the walls of my skull
if I rid my brain of my skull
beyond repair
never to be assembled again
i still hear my thoughts
rubbing against each other
what is world
and matter
everything vibrates
everything, an absence of rest
everything rubs against everything
and everything is a noise
everything has a point to prove
or to disprove
if I lost my mind
and forgot I ever existed
there will always be a you
that had become me
for we had become one
you will not perish
and i will be the noise in the universe
through you
the one last whisper
an echoing cry
even when the sun is tired of exploding
and the stars have all imploded to singularities
and the planets have all got stuck in time
no matter to occupy space
no medium to travel through
I will exist
and cannot be silenced
like noise, that is always there
and the antimatter of which
cannot exist  


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