We are all aware of the fact that there are intellectual classes of people. There are masses and then there are those people who think a bit differently. They have an eye that sees things that masses tend to ignore. Masses are called masses because they make up the majority of the people in any culture or nation. Every time an event takes place, masses would want to rush to conclusions, and since they are not always well informed they would soon arrive to a generally accepted or easily comprehendible verdict. It serves a dual purpose. Saving them their precious time and saving them their mental energies which they can merrily apply at their work places.

We are all saddened by the atrocities Israel is committing again to the people of Gaza and it’s heartbreaking regardless of which religion, creed, ethnicity or race that you belong from. There isn’t a lot of energy required to do the math here. What Israel is doing now and has been doing for decades is pure genocide. Without getting into any politics and keeping it laconic, I would venture to point towards a little trend that has manifested over the past few weeks and I am unable to tell if it’s only me or is that really an alarming development (or regress?). Like I mentioned above, people think differently, they process events differently and for some, the telling contrast is different than others. With every passing day I am coming across posts from people who are definitely discerning. They certainly feel the gravity of the situation as they are capable of looking at the matter from a rather intelligent perspective. They are concerned and are heartbroken over the fact that there is nothing that can be done at the moment and no matter what kind of sentiments we possess, there is just simply no use of expressing them. There are masses that are more naive and are to a greater extent, emotional over the whole matter. It’s frustrating for them to sit on their bottoms and not able to do anything, to obviate the helplessness. They are the ones who find solace in sharing graphic images and motion pictures, for they think it would somehow let those impregnable ones, the righteous ones skilled in the art of warfare and as well as Deen, who have the courage and the ability to stand up and actually do something for the people of Palestine or any other place where people are oppressed and massacred on daily bases. It’s the intrinsic futility of their actions that they are deep down aware of and want to silence the scream within by doing “something” at least so that they no longer are answerable to their conscience. They are looking for “those others” who have the magical powers out there somewhere who are not part of the daily routines that we have in the cities, they don’t have to wake up in the morning for lousy jobs, all what they live for is to help people, to save the downtrodden. Who are they, nobody knows, but they exist somewhere in the credulous minds of the masses. And they will eventually wake up by seeing these images and videos and they would somehow realize how important it is for them to strike now and save the brothers and sisters. But these people with their sincere motives and gullible dispositions are not the ones to be blamed, in fact they are not the ones I am writing this about.

Educated people think they have to anti the trend. It is not okay to be on the same tide as the masses since the elite must have a different and more ingenious perspective. It is imperative to tell apart smart and educated people from pseudo-intellectuals. Intellectuals these days are mostly graduated from Facebook and Twitter and their groundbreaking analysis of this Palestine situation can be summed up in these golden words. “Don’t do anything!” That is as simple as that. Because no matter what you do, it’s not going to make a bit of a difference. So pray in your homes and that should do it just fine.
If you think about it casually for a moment you will realize it is the same secular mindset that steps forward to side line religion in all matters and confines it within personal boundaries that are individual to all. Let’s not get into that debate in this particular article. Okay it is apparent and a no brainer that sharing photos of mutilated bodies is plain wrong unless we have surmised that we have reached a stage so pathetic that mere words don’t work for us anymore. Simple references have lost all their heat and it doesn’t excite us. We have all become impotent human beings and we need at least 3 pictures of decapitated toddlers, 2 pictures of mutilated women and 2 videos of gutted kids per day to feel sympathy for them. Or am I wrong? How on earth do we “show” our solidarity with the people who are oppressed? The Facebook/Twitter graduates claim it’s plain stupid to share anything. Forget about the graphic pictures that is established to be wrong. Pseudo-intellectuals reject changing your display pictures also, since it’s not going to do one good thing. Fair enough. There is no use of creating “pages” either because what the hell? How are they going to help? So I ask what is it that we can all do, to actually make a difference. Be it as tiny as an ant’s hair. Or better put, how do we gag our collective conscience on something, long enough while we pray deep within our hearts that “something” happens and the plight changes, the tables turn and we no longer have to deal with this situation that is uncomfortable to say the least for our hearts?

What I dread is indifference. A complete lack of concern. Our hearts so cold we will have to hold them in our hands to feel if they are beating. It is becoming a fashion to not do anything, to not say anything since nothing matters. We need to shut up and pray in our houses. Our Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds must not contain all the gore and the violence. There should be nothing to remind us there are people suffering in the world. We must not be reminded of the fact that we are consuming things that fund our enemies. We must not be reminded that we in a way finance their misery. We must duct tape our mouths and cuff our hands voluntarily so that there is the necessary illusion of peace and comfort at least presented on our Social feeds. Aren’t we headed towards exactly what is desired? Indifference? I don’t support sharing irresponsible material and I believe that is not the way. What is alarming is the fact that more and more people are beginning to think it is okay to not mention what’s wrong with the world. It is okay to be happy with whatever is going on since there is nothing that can be done. Imagine for a second, none of us gives a flying damn about people dying in the world. Muslims/non-Muslims whatever. Imagine Palestine is bombed out of the map of the world and we remain indifferent. That’s what is needed right? I ask everyone who is scathingly sarcastic to those naïve simple minded and sincere people who change their Display Pictures to show solidarity or share a video to raise awareness or whatever they could do in their capacity, I ask them do you realize what the consequence of not doing even this is? Billions of apes sitting in front of their computer screens claiming to be humans, with bananas in one hand and raw human flesh in the other.



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