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We rarely come across something that is sheer inspiration through and through and you find yourself overwhelmed by somebody’s work and not just the aesthetic side of it, but the whole aura that it succeeds to project  strikes you with such formidable  impact, you want to be like them, you want to do something too. I bumped into this blog a few years ago when it wasn’t very well known and I was blown away. It happens rarely that a combo of words and illustrations put together are so fittingly impeccable, meticulously articulated that your heart swells with pure positive emotions. I admire Gavin and his art, I’m a fan. He did what we all think about doing but can never have the courage to do. To pull ourselves out of the system and then to do what we always wanted to do. To inspire people and be content with ourselves!

I present to you ZEN PENCILS as my very first feature. I absolutely love this blog, I love these comics and I view them over and over again because they never fail to work their magic. I will be sharing a lot of Gavin’s comics here. Check them out yourself also J In the meantime, here is one of my favorite comics by Zen Pencils.



Around the corner…




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