Hello World, Like literally

Hello people of the Internet,

I have been thinking about writing my first ever blog post for the past, ok past, let’s leave it at that?  (If I tell you for how long have I been putting this off you will know how sust I am, but oh you will know that anyway) So I have nothing particular in mind to say now ( like always, heck what’s the point in having a blog then?). Just wanted to say a quick hi. I don’t know if anybody’s going to actually read this, but I just want to put things out there. I will gradually upload the existing stuff I have that I have been meaning to put on a blog since forever. In between original posts I’ll just share random stuff also. Just to keep this baby going you know. So Follow me around, leave comments and yea..keep it real.

PS: That’s a lonely tree. I took a picture of a lonely tree.




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