The ninja hermit wore his USB Jetpack and connected it to the network, opened the UI and selected “Yoga Levitation”. Suddenly, he was levitated off the ground in accurate yoga posture. One of his disciples dashed in, panting: “Oh Oh the esteemed one, there has been a wisdom emergency” and tripped over the USB cable bringing down the ninja hermit who obviously landed in a cat-like fashion, and did not get annoyed or angry.

“What is it?” asked the Ninja Hermit calmly.

“Learned Master, are there any absolutes in the universe? Or everything is a perspective? Does morality remain constant for all situations and must be abided by as a rigid categorical imperative?” asked the disciple ravenously.

“Just answer this oh seeker of truth. How would it make you feel if an exceptionally beautiful maiden repeatedly stared at you, actually not at you but at your area where your torso meets your legs with inquisitive gazes and  implicitly, at times even explicitly, demands you provide a better view?” put the Ninja Hermit eloquently.

“Master, I don’t know master, I have vowed celibacy for life so I do not look at smoking hot maidens who stare at me”. The disciple was struck by Ninja Hermit’s gaze and he changed the course of his reply. “..but I know what it must feel like”.

“Imagine how absolutely appropriate and socially acceptable the same situation will be while you are flying in a plane and the Stewardess comes to check for your seat belt” said the Ninja Hermit with the calmness of an ocean.

It is said that the disciple could not bear the immediate impact of the wisdom and wandered in the streets screaming towards the sky and eating plants.


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  1. Yusra Gulab Jamman Reply

    Hahah, I like this ninja cyborg dude! This scenario belongs in a comic strip. :)

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