Once upon a time while the Ninja Hermit was oiling his robotic claw and reading wisdom full anecdotes from the past ages, relishing the mental stimulation, a herd of local gypsies started to gather around him. At first he wasn’t startled and continued with his business, but then he started noticing very good looking gypsy girls appearing and standing out from the crowd. “Oh venerable one, oh the fixer of electronics and hearts, all of your contemporaries and your age fellows have gotten married or are getting married, why do you not tie a knot? Here, we have brought our best gypsy girls. Just choose one (or four) oh you esteemed soul!” Cried an old gypsy with nodding faces all around him.

*Squeak squeak, the mechanical claw opens and closes*

The Ninja Hermit (Who is also a Cyborg) retorts:

“Listen you ignorant one! Many years from now, all my contemporaries will start to die one by one. Would you all ask me to commit suicide then?”





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