You see a monster in me?
there is no monster in me
only a decrepit face
And it’s a reflection
the face you had been avoiding
had been avoiding you
choke on it now choke on it
Swallow the poison
you had mixed for others
your pockets have holes
you are all out of gold
your pills are placebos
you are a fool
Yes you are a fool
I am absurd I have no meaning?
you took it away, it’s all your fault
I am gadgets, careers and debts
I am safes, lockers and vaults
Death is a blessing, you’re too alive
You deserve me, I am life
Yes you deserve me
I am hunger and famine 
I am rotting, I’m vermin 
I am bombs and mass graves
I am lies and deceit 
I am man, I am what remains
yes I am you
Laugh at me for I’m a joke
But my punchline will be your demise
I am decaying hypocrisy
I am the reeking humanity in you
Yes I am the humanity in you
Open your eyes, open them wide
Keep them ajar for Millennia
I am burned to ashes
I am torn to rags
Embrace me, I am your salvation
Yes I am your salvation





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