A throbbing hell, as if it were an organic being designed to chastise me only. When all these people with a common lack of sense, common sense is it called? Zombiewalk towards something that some perhaps above average person has brought to light only by figuring out a trend of it being successful in societies that have absolutely no morals at all. Freedom of expression and “all done in good humour” prevails! Everywhere you look on the internet there are people blindly following trends that have been long used, abused and thrown away by people that no longer are significant to mention. Naked is funny, swear words are cool, men are ignorant fools that play video games all day and women shop and make sandwiches. The internet is in the hands of kids who hate going to school, they never had this much freedom and liberty at their disposal before they are going crazy putting anything and everything that they desire. And our children copy that, think its cool and preach it, forward it, infect everyone in their circle and that all with an arrogant smirk, “we are the smart ones, all other smart ones are fools”. “Mother of God” is merely a phrase, it has its own meaning that does not necessarily have profanity involved, it all depends upon the intention, relax already. I wonder if the could call their mothers “whores” with a good intent behind. There are pages, so called “comic” pages that are out there DESTROYING morals without taking a break. There are things that are supposed to stay inside our heads and are not meant to manifest, for they are  vice and immodest ( we are but only humans ) but no, times have changed. All the crap, the rotting guts inside of us and the mess that is the primary element of our brains has to leak out. Why? That’s the new ART. It’s an art to be arrogant, disrespectful and above all, an idiot. Art was supposed to point at things man, it was supposed to help build morals, not destroy them. It’s us who empower them, it’s about time we realised what we are doing, every page that we like, every post that we share, we are responsible for it. Everything that comes to our minds isn’t supposed to come out in the raw format, that isn’t art. We gotta shape it, make it beautiful for everyone, not blurt out every crappy thing that our mind suggests and call it art. NO Kids, it’s not COOL to be arrogant, uttering swear words doesn’t make you gangsters and being disrespectful to God will only harm you and nobody else. Play video games, but read books too. Make rage comics but learn to draw too. Why have we become so lazy and procrastinating? Why do we try and take the easy way out. Success doesn’t come to you half way. Make your own standards. Everything isn’t great just because the internet says it is. A link with a thousand “haha’s” and “rofl’s” isn’t always funny. I ain’t a saint I admit that. I have been a part of this whole  massive shift that has taken place. We used to go out and play in the sun, that is the reason we can still wait in lines, stand in buses, take beatings and not worry about it. Kids nowadays faint in the streets. All the wise ones, be mentors to the kids around you. And others, well, make a comic page and swear and make foul hand signs and use the lowest/cheapest possible speech manner and get famous.   Arqum 13/6/2012


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